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Custom Vending Tricycle

vending tricycle for sale

About Custom Vending Tricycle
Data from the U.S. Small Business Administration shows that 16% of people own a business with a total employment of about 116 million people. As a kind of business, our vending tricycle is self-employed mobile vending shop. Professional in designing the tricycle with world-leading technology and years of experience, our company has helped business beginners, pop-up store, corporation’s brand advertising campaign to sell anything they want and increase earnings. To meet individual requirement, the vending trike could also be custom-tailored into food or beverage tricycle, flower or clothes bike and snack vending cart with non-power or electric versions.

Vending Tricycle Structure Features
1. Different from the traditional box-type cargo bike, our upgraded tricycle is quipped with four-layer independent baskets to meet the needs of different customers. Beautiful stair-step shape and large space for classified display.

upgraded tricycle feature

2. The custom cargo bike is 100% hand-woven with high quality rattan materials, you can see the color and texture clearly.


3. The tricycle body has strong and newly designed steel structure, robust and durable. And the chain cover is optional with silver, black and white colors.


4. Clean neat handlebar & wires, the handlebar is covered with vintage leather. Retro aesthetic with long-lasting service life.


5. Equipped with Sunrace 7-speed transmission, imported parts from Taiwan. Smart, superior performance.


6. The comfortable leather seat has 3 colors(brown, black, white) to choose and the luminium seat post has 2 optional colors(black, silver).


7. The front of tricycle is equipped with disc brake system and the rear part is equipped with V brake, providing double safe ensure to you.

Customized Vending Cart Application
1. Fruit and Vegetable Vending Trike
Vending tricycle’s large space is suitable to display fresh fruit & vegetable in classified baskets for selling with a big loading capacity of 150kg. Fruit and vegetable selling is a good choice for beginners to start his own business, our vending cart has features of strong flexibility, low cost & risk and energy-saving which is a niche market for existed products. However, you’d better consider the following matters before investing:
√ Product’s quality and freshness is particularly important, you need to find the reliable wholesalers who supply high quality fruit & vegetable with cost-effective price, then try to compare products from different areas and select the best type for consumers.
√ You need to think about how to display your products in a attracting and plentiful form. Pay attention to divide fruit and vegetable according to products’ color & storage environment, for example, you need to separate the raw products from apple & banana or they’ll get ripened quickly.
√ Free food samples could be considered both for advertising food and avoiding overstock.

Customized Cart Application for vending fruit, vegetable, flower

2. Flower Tricycle
Our tricycle’s exquisite rattan plaited structure and retro style make it a perfect match with flower selling, flower tricycle vending can be seen as a beautiful scenery on the street. The reverse tricycle has a more stable structure & better view for flower, and there are some suggestions for flower selling business:
√ The tricycle should be equipped with a water-can and packing tools for use.
√ You can register a network shop account and start business both online & offline with delivery service. Online shopping is a trend at present, and our mobile trike can display flower greatly with four-layer baskets when delivering.

moving snack bike application

3. Cover-type Movable Snack Bike
The movable cart can be customized into snack bike with transparent cover, the sealing cover could keep food inside clean and hygienic.
√ Pedaling snack tricycle has wide application in campus, subway station, office building, park, etc.
√ Besides snack, other food like bread, sandwich, hot dog and beverage such as juice, coffee, water are suitable for selling in the cover-type movable bike. And you can run your business at specific times such as in the morning or at night.

1. How long is the delivery time?
After the order is placed, the normal delivery time is 10-15 days and it depends on factory production time and the size of your order.
2. What certificate do you have?
We have CE certificate that meets with EU standard.
3. How about the packaging ?
Our company uses wooden box to package vending tricycle, and inside of the box we will wrap the bike with bubble bags & carton box, double security with low price.

Specification of Two Front Wheel Bike
1. Pedal type:

SLS-0028 fruit bike
Front: 20*1.75''   Rear: 24*1.75''
Bike size  
Basket size  
6 speed shimano brand
Front: Disc brake  Rear: V brake

2. Electric type:

36v10ah lithium battery
250w brushless hub motor
Highest speed
LCD display 


Product Name: Custom Vending Tricycle
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