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Pedicab Rickshaw Trike

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Pedicab Rickshaw - A Choice for Green Commuting
The pedicab rickshaw is a riding tricycle cab which transports people & goods in a low-carbon way. Unlike driving a car which will discharge exhaust that pollutes atmospheric environment, people choose a non-power tricycle is more of a life attitude than just choosing a vehicle. Our customized pedicab rickshaw is suitable to replace automobile in seriously polluted area or narrow road with features of environment-friendly type, easy to operation and good flexibility.

Considerations before Purchasing a Tricycle Taxi
The emergence of three-wheel cart brings about the short-distance passenger transport industry, and the tricycle taxi is suitable for self-employed workers which is totally controlled by individual. However, there is no unified standard for tricycle manufacturing, you should notice the following matters before ordering a pedicab rickshaw:
● The product’s certificate and after sales service.
● The tricycle’s weight, loading ability. The quality of its tire, brake, turning lights and horn device.
● The frame quality and durability.
● Its riding smoothness and passenger’s comfort includes seat surface, space, rain or sun protection device.
● The cart’s advertisement area and external appearance.
● Other consideration like delivery time is included.


Why Choose Our Cycle Rickshaw?
Our cycle with CE-standard could be designed according to customer requirement and local conditions. With the characteristics of lightweight, high flexibility and pollution-free, our cycle rickshaw creates job opportunities for business beginners, self-employed workers and vulnerable groups to increase income.
1. Our cycle has pedal and electric version for customer to select.
2. For the cycle rickshaw, we have CE certificate which meets EU standards. After selling, we provides 24h service with professional knowledge.
3. The tricycle is equipped with light kenda tire & sunrace hub to reduce weight and it has a load capacity of 300kg. Other equipment such as the front part’s V brake, the rear part’s hydraulic disc brake, running lights, stop lights, turning lights and horns are provided.



4. The whole rickshaw is made of Reinforced TIG welded steel by handcraft. Long service life and corrosion proof.

cycle rickshaw manufacturer workshop

5. Shock absorption board designed to reduce shake. And we use 7 speed shimano brand to provide a max speed of 30-50km/h, more powerful and better dynamic performance.
6. Soft leather seat which can carry two people with water proof and removable canopy makes it comfortable to show passengers around.
7. The pedicab rickshaw has a nice appearance with bright color and its body & wheel could be printed with your brand & advertisement.
8. After an order is placed, the delivery time is usually 10-15 days which depends on our factory’s production and customer’s order quantity.

Pedicab Rickshaw Parameter Lists
Pedal version:

HIH-0008 pedicab rickshaw
Front: 20*2.125''   Rear: 2.25-19'
7 speed SHIMANO brand
Front: V brake    Rear: hydraulic disc brake

Electric version:

Max Speed
LCD display
Running lights, Stop lights, turning lights, with horns 

Global Three-wheel Cart Applications 

pedaling tricycle application

Americas: USA

In the United States, the pedicab can flexibly shuttle through narrow streets and alleys such as night market, sport stadium, scenery spot, etc. The three-wheel cart in USA is managed by rickshaw company which has a more regulated market with a vehicle insurance. Besides, in Portland, Oregon, the flexible tricycle has been used in UPS for sending express especially during the Christmas season in order to enhance working efficiency since 2016.
Africa: Madagascar
The tricycle in Madagascar is often applied in hills. The features of small size and high flexibility make pedicab rickshaw as a common transportation vehicle in several cities. Comparing with motorcycle, the tricycle is neater and safer in short-distance traveling. Comparing with car taxi, non-power cart is a cheaper and “cleaner” vehicle for carrying commuters through crowded roads or hillier areas. Generally, pedicab could earn up to $50 each day basing on location and pedestrian volume.
Asia: Nepal
The tricycle is commonly used in eastern, southern and southeastern of Asia. In Nepal, pedal tricycle is a common means of transportation which is cheaper than taxi, and the tricycle is more convenient than bus which could transport passengers in front of their house. In the Terai area of Nepal, next to India, three-wheel cart is also the popular vehicle of carrying commuters, travelers, shoppers and cargo to travel across the free India Nepal Border with no restriction.
Europe: Berlin
In Berlin, most roads are built with cycle paths, government encourages citizens to commute by environmentally friendly cycles. Berliners feel more free when taking a rickshaw than by subway, taxi or bus, it is due to Berliner’s extraordinary and creative life style, and they think roaming around by rickshaw could better understand a country & help reduce congestion.

Product Name: Pedicab Rickshaw Trike
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