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Street Coffee Trike

mobile coffee trike

Street Coffee Trike Introduction
The coffee tricycle is mobile, custom-built vending trike with CE certification. Street vending overseas in more than 50 areas, our mobile coffee vehicle provides people espresso, drip coffee, cold brew coffee, tea and Chocolat Chaud for several years. For other food and drink selling ideas, our company also accepts original equipment manufacturer marked with your own brand which realizes profit maximization under the combination of aesthetic appearance and sufficient commercial value.

Coffee Vending Cart Highlights
Each of our hand-craft vending cart is built after ordered. With the following advantages, the pedal powered vending tricycle has been built with the added functions such as selling cotton candy, ice cream, sandwich or other unique ideas from our clients.
1. The coffee tricycle has a big size working table with a large storage box under it, providing enough space for your coffee machine, cups, snack box, etc. And the main structure is made of solid wood, natural and minimalist style.
2. Equipped with a three-layer display frame, the design enhances the uses of space and shows products. What’s more, we can offer you a black board to write down your special design.
3. The tricycle body could be turned for around 90 degrees, it is convenient for you to adjust the angle when parking the vehicle.
4. The vending cart is equipped with roller brake device, the cart body will be safe and stationary even when you park it on a hill.

details desplay of coffee van trike

5. The seat is made of vintage leather, retro and charming.

mobile coffee tricycle seat and part details

6. Light kenda wheels and sunrace hub design reduces the bike weight and makes pedaling easily. And a electric power version is optional to assist customer pedal.
7. Professional shock absorber board device, more comfort with less shake.
8. The awning is 3D triangle-shaped which could drop down the rain easily. There are two kinds of canopy models to select and you can print your brand & logo on it, it is according to your requirements.

coffee bike awning

Mobile Coffee Trike Uses
Living under modern society’s pressure, people need a cup of coffee each day to relieve fatigue and lessen stress. Coffee culture is a successful result of collision and fusion between Eastern and Western civilizations. With global markets, our coffee trike business creates job opportunities with high mobility & low threshold highlights especially for individual sellers, and our company also welcomes enterprise's chain business with cost-effective price.
● The business location is flexible and suitable both on street or in indoor place such as pedestrian street, office building, hypermarket, etc.

coffee tricycle application

● Besides vending food and drink, our mobile cart could adjust measures to local conditions and be refitted into flower bike, newspaper selling tricycle.
● Generally, running a coffee vending cart business needs the following device:
① It should be equipped with motor to supply power for coffee machine or the coffee machine could be refitted with a gas power.
② Adding water box to supply water and waste water tank to collect dirty water, both of them could be stored in the storage box.
③ Other equipment like Mini Fridge, water purifier, coffee grinder, kettle are suitable in our coffee bike business.

Coffee Tricycle Specifications
Non-power type:

SLS-0007 coffee bike
Steel + Wood
Front: 24*1.95''   Rear: 24*1.75''
Box size
Bike size
7 speed sunrace brand
hand brake

 Electric type:

Highest speed
LCD display 

Comparison between Mobile Coffee Trike and Coffee Shop

1. Mobility
Coffee trike is the self-contained commercial vehicle which has high mobility and controllability especially for business beginner, the working place could be changed and the trailer’s small size is suitable for selling inside the office building or other places where the coffee shop couldn’t get so close to customers.
2. The Amount of Investment
Without considering the rent and decoration investments when running a trailer business, the amount of coffee trailer’s investment is only one tenth of entity shop’s annual rental.
3. Business Risk
High investment means high risk, a coffee shop has a high risk of labor cost, annual rental and famous coffee shop’s competition. While coffee trailer is a emerging industry in recent years with a potential market, its low investment and high profit make it suitable for small, medium investors.

Product Name: Street Coffee Trike
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