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Kid’s Menu and Mobile Food Bus Equipment

Here is your place for healthy new kid’s menu recipes. We provide mobile food bus and food processing equipments for you to supply kid’s food to keep them in your healthy and nutritious diet.
Why Is Healthy Eating Important for Children?
A healthy lifestyle begins with a proper diet. Healthy eating is important for the proper formation of bones, teeth, muscle and a healthy heart. Diet can affect growth and development in small children as well as teens. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and by promoting a healthy diet, children can maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy as they grow into young adults.
Now let's see some different kinds of food menus for kids.
Delicious desserts
Kids love to have fun and they love dessert. One way to satisfy them all the way around is to make dessert foods that are fun to eat. This may seem hard but it really is not. With a little imagination, you can serve your kids a fun dessert they will enjoy eating every time.


Classic Cone Head Sundae Monster Mash Sundae Oreo® Sundae Double Shot Cone Kids Hot Fudge Sundae
Tasty cookies
Freshly baked cookies are the stuffed of childhood dreams, help the kids make their own with these simple, child-friendly recipes.


Bear cookie pops no-roll sugar cookie Butter cream Frosted Holiday Cutout Cookies chocolate mummy cookies Christmas Cookies
Yummy breakfast



Breakfast is a great way to start the day for a child. Most cereals are bolstered with extra vitamins and minerals for a well-balanced meal. Kids who eat breakfast have more energy and do better in school.

Cinnamon Roll Funny Bunnies Egg Topped Hash Brown Nests Firecracker Pancakes Pancake Sandwich Rainbow Breakfast bento box

Delicacy pizza
There is nothing delicious like homemade pizza, especially cooked with your kid’s, full of fun and happiness.

Italian pancake dunkers Jack O'Lantern Pizza Mini fruit pizza Pizza casserole Twisted Pizza Dogs

So, what about cooking with your kids? It must be more fun!
Cooking with children may require extra time, patience and clean-up, but the benefits are well worth the effort. It provides for increased quality family time in a busy world, encourages healthy eating habits, teaches skills and self-confidence, and makes memories that will last a lifetime. 
Let's see the simple directions about how to do Cherry Jam Heart Pie Pops, and you just get ready the ingredients.

Cherry Jam Heart Pie Pops1

Cherry Jam Heart Pie Pops2

Some cart equipments that you will need to use:

food processing machines

Counter Top Electric Lava Rock Griller Electric Display ShowcaseElectric Griddle Electric Single Layer Pizza Oven Electric Convection Oven with Glass Window

related food machines

Electric Curved Glass Warming Showcase Pizza warmer Ice Cream Display Showcase Pasta Cooker With Cabinet