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Recipes of Salads and Side Dishes for Mobile Food Trailer

Salad, as a kind of heavy foreign flavor seasoning dot, its kind is more and more various. Salad is a popular, ready-to-eat dish made of diverse ingredients. It is used to describe light, savory leafy vegetable dishes, most often served with a sauce or dressing, but the category may additionally include dishes made of ingredients such as fruits, grains, meats, seafood and sweets. Though many salads use raw ingredients, some use cooked ingredients; most salads use vegetables, though fruit salads also exist.
Need salads recipes for your mobile food cart? Whirlston mobile food vehicles can provide you high quality mobile food cart and give delicious and healthy recipes for salads for your cart. The following is types of salads.

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fruit salad

* Green salad. The green salad is most often composed of leafy vegetables such as lettuce varieties, spinach, or rocket (arugula). Due to their low caloric density, green salads are a common diet food. The salad leaves may be cut or torn into bite-sized fragments and tossed together (called a tossed salad).
* Vegetable salad.
Vegetable salad os often used common raw vegetables include cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes,onions, spring onions, red onions, carrots, celery, and radishes. Other ingredients, such as mushrooms, avocado, olives, hard boiled egg, artichoke hearts, heart of palm, roasted red bell peppers, green beans, croutons, cheeses, meat, or seafood, are sometimes added to salads.
* Fruit salads.
Fruit salads are made of fruit, and include the fruit cocktail that can be made fresh or from canned fruit.

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 * Bound salad. A “bound” salad can be put in a bowl and mixed with a thick dressing. They are assembled with thick sauces such as mayonnaise. They are popular at picnics and barbecues, because they can be made ahead of time and refrigerated.
* Main course salads. Main course salads may contain grilled or fried chicken pieces, seafood such as grilled or fried shrimp or a fish steak such as tuna, mahi-mahi, or salmon or sliced steak, such as sirloin or skirt.

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