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Desserts Menu and Equipment for Food Cart

As professional mobile food cart supplier, Whirlston can supply high quality mobile food carts and cart equipments for you. Our mobile food cart can provide you mouth-watering delicious dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth with thousands of dessert recipes including cake recipes, cookie recipes, pudding recipes, pie recipes, and frozen dessert recipes. Track down delicious dessert treats.
There’s plenty desserts recipes for mobile food cart to suit special occasions year-round. Fruity pies, creamy mousse and decadent cupcakes satisfy any sweet tooth. You’ll have a hard time choosing just one of these to-die-for temptations.
How Much Do You Know about Dessert?
Dessert is a typically sweet course that usually consists of sweet foods. The variety of desserts in western cultures is very wide, including cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice creams, pies, puddings, and candies. Fruit is also commonly found in dessert courses because of its natural sweetness. Many different cultures have their own variations of similar desserts around the world. The loosely defined dessert can apply to many foods.
Dessert can come in variations of flavors, textures, and looks. These are some major categories in which desserts can be placed.


* Cakes. Cakes are sweet tender breads made with sugar and delicate flour. Cakes can vary from light, airy sponge cakes to dense cakes with less flour. In addition, small-sized cakes have become popular in the form of cupcakes and petits fours.
* Chocolates and candies. Many candies involve the crystallization of sugar which varies the texture of sugar crystals. Candies can be found in many different forms including caramel, marshmallows, and taffy.

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* Cookies. Cookies are similar to cakes. Historically cookies were small spoonfuls of cake batter placed in the oven to test the temperature. Cookies can come in many different forms. Examples include layered bars, crispy meringues, and soft chocolate chip cookies.
* Custards and puddings. These kinds of sweets usually include a thickened dairy base. Custards are cooked and thickened with eggs. Baked custards can include crème brulee and flan. Puddings are thickened with starches.

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* Frozen desserts, ice cream and gelato both fit into this category. Ice cream is a cream base that is churned as it is frozen to create a creamy consistency, while gelato uses a milk base and has less air than ice cream. Thirdly, sorbet is made from churned fruit and is not dairy based.
* Pastries. Pastries can either take the form of light and flaky bread with an airy texture or unleavened dough with a high fat content. Pastries can be eaten with fruits, chocolates, or other sweeteners.
* Pies. Pies and cobblers are a crust with a filling. The crust can be either made from either a pastry or crumbs. The fillings can be anything from fruits to puddings.
Many desserts cannot be categorized such as cheesecake. Though cheesecake is a similar to a custard, it is named “cake”. Many desserts can span the categories and several don’t fit in a category at all.

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