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Appetizer Menus and Equipments for Mobile Food Vending Cart

Appetizer, is also called antipasti, relish, edible time is usually the main course served before or together with the main course to eat. Its kinds are various, such as snacks, baked goods, or other acidic food flavor dishes, its purpose is to stimulate the taste buds, increase appetite. Tasty appetizers that help make entertaining easy and fun.
Well, here we supply some appetizer menus and useful equipments for mobile food vending cart. Whether you need quick nibbles to satisfy predinner hunger pangs, this collection of tasty, healthy appetizer recipes is sure to hit the spot, you’ll find tasty ideas that will have people eating in no time.



* Electric Convection Oven
This electric oven is easy to operate you can select and set time and temperature by Manual dial switch ,time up will be bell ring. The cooking ways are broils, bakes,barbecues, fries, roasts, grills. Hot air circulates around food for evenly cooking. The electric Convection Oven use tempered glass bowl and glass container: heat resistant, transparent,let you see the food as it cooks.
Roasted Asparagus
Salty and savory, the roasting method kills the natural bitterness of asparagus. Try it next to grilled fish or lamb. To remove woody ends, grab stalk of asparagus at either end and bend until it snaps. It will naturally snap where it starts to get tough. Simple and delicious.



* S/S 2-Door Refrigerated Cabinet
This refrigerated cabinet has two doors, and its temperature can range from -15℃ to 0℃. The upper cabinet is freezer and bottom cabinet is cooler.
Spicy Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pimiento Cheese
Spice up basic pimiento cheese by stirring ground red pepper, freshly ground black pepper, and coarse-grain mustard into the grated cheese mixture. Use the largest holes on a box grater to shred cheese in a snap.




* Electric Single Layer Pizza Oven
The bakery equipment can be used to make all kinds of pizza in 50-500°C. And it is convenient to operate and quick temperature-raising. The equipment can cook 4 pieces pizza at the same time.
Grilled Pizza with Smoked Salmon
Perfect for summer entertaining, this grilled pizza is topped with smoked salmon, red onion and capers. This was such an easy recipe to make! The dough is ridiculously easy and delicious. Nutrition Bonus: Selenium (24% daily value).



* Electric Smokeless Barbecue Oven
This oven is made of stainless steel refining: environmental protection, health, chic, beautiful, convenient., save energy. New no soot is to protect the environment and business place of the best upgrading products. It has multi-function: it can be used for cob, mutton string, chicken feet, wings, sausages and so on. The operation is simple, safe and reliable.
Barbecue Pulled Chicken
This BBQ pulled chicken recipe is a fanciful reinterpretation of pulled pork that slow-cooks chicken in lots of tangy tomato sauce. Have sliced jalapenos, sliced red onions and some sour cream on hand to top this barbecue pulled chicken, which makes a hearty main course. You can turn it into an unbelievable sandwich or serve it on mashed potatoes or even whole-grain spaghetti. Serve with shredded napa cabbage tossed with low-fat mayonnaise, cider vinegar, celery seed and honey to taste.