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Thanksgiving Day Food Recipe--Mobile Food Cart Equipment


Thanksgiving Day is a joyous family festival celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in US, Canada and several other countries. It is celebrated with lot of fervor and euphoria on the fourth Thursday in the month of November. On this day people express gratitude to god for his blessings and give thanks to dear ones for their love support. Feasting with family is an integral most delightful part of Thanksgiving Day celebrations.
To offer people complete delicious Thanksgiving Day food, we equip our mobile food vehicles with all the cooking utensil to process several symbol foods on Thanksgiving Day.

cake display cooler


* Cake Display Cooler
Our cake display cooler is energy saving and low noise, the layers can be put in and taken out freely, and easy for cleaning. Double sliding doors make it very convenient to put in and take out cakes.
Pumpkin cake with caramel: Cream cheese frosting: in this fun variation on traditional pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake spiced with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves gets frosted with a slightly tangy, super-caramelly frosting. It’s delicious served cold or at room temperature.



* Refrigerated Cabinet
This refrigerated cabinet has two door, and its temperature can range from -15℃ to 0℃. The upper cabinet is freezer and bottom cabinet is cooler.
Cranberry panna cotta: This elegant, low-fat panna cotta requires only five ingredients: cranberries, sugar, gelatin, water and buttermilk (instead of the usual cream).



* Spiral Juicer Machine
Spiral juicer machine is suitable for juicing the crushed drupe fruits like apple, pineapple, etc. With the popularity of fruit juice, spiral juicer has become ideal juicer equipment in food processing plants, beverage processing industry, hotels, and even individual business
Roast turkey with wild mushroom gravy: Roast turkey and rich, mushroom-studded gravy are a must on the twist of the thanksgiving main dish!



* Potato Washing and Slicing Machine
Our potato chips machine integrates washing, peeling, slicing and striping. The vegetables processed are carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, eggplants and onions, thus widely used in hotels, restaurants, vegetable processing field.
Buttermilk mashed potatoes: Creamy Yukon golds give this healthy dish a light, buttery taste. Easy add-ins makes the three takes on this must-have side even more mouthwatering. So you can’t serve up thanksgiving turkey without fluffy, homemade mashed potatoes!



* Electric Single Layer Pizza Oven
The bakery equipment can be used to make all kinds of pizza in 50-500°C. And it is convenient to operate and quick temperature-raising. The equipment can cook 4 pieces pizza at the same time.
Green beans with shallots: To make this twist, blanch the beans thanksgiving morning and, for the hazelnut variation, toast the nuts a few days ahead (substitute almonds if you prefer).




* Electric Double Layers Pizza Oven
The oven has been conceived for cooking pizza, and it can cook 8 pieces pizza each time. Although it is also ideal for roasting, baking cakes, etc. this equipment has four temperature controllers and the temperature setting range is 50 to 500℃.
Maple-cranberry sweet potatoes: Sophisticated syrups focus the flavor of this no-fuss classic side dish, which can be assembled the day before. Select sweet potatoes of the same size so they cook evenly.