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Mobile Trolly Food Cart for Christmas Food

In many parts of the world, Christmas is the day when people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. Today, people often attend church,visit friends and exchange gifts, and decorate their homes and businesses with Christmas trees. It is also the custom to prepare a special meal consisting of turkey, chocolate Yule log, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake,Christmas hamper, pan-fried salmon,etc. Actually our electric food truck makes Christmas food preparation a piece of cake, as it has enough space to cook and is equipped with almost all western cooking utencils.

Baked Christmas turkey

Gas Chicken Rotisserie

※Gas Chicken Rotisserie
The gas chicken rotisserie equipped in mobile food truck can bake 12-16 chickens at the same time. It has no poison, no smell and taken-easy, convenient to move with four universal castors. The chicken rotisserie has gas type and electric type for your reference.
Baked Christmas turkey Christmas turkey is a classic Christmas dish no matter whether your family celebrates Christmas at lunchtime or dinner. Enjoy complete success with this Christmas turkey recipe complete with delicious stuffing that guarantees no overcooked meat!

electric pizza oven

chocolate yule log

※Electric Single Layer Pizza Oven
The bakery equipment can be used to make all kinds of pizza in 50-500°C. It is convenient to operate and quick temperature-raising. Single layer pizza oven has the baking capacity of 4 pieces pizza while our double layer has larger capacity. Both are suitable to make the on-site pizza in food cart.
Christmas Yule log this amazing centerpiece of Christmas is a lot easier to make than it looks and it tastes even better than it looks: a winning combination by all accounts.

roast potatoes

potato washing cutting machine
Potato washing and cutting machine

Potato washing,peeling and cutting machine is multifunctional but low electricity consumption. The vegetables processed are carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, eggplants and onions, thus widely used in hotels, restaurants, vegetable processing field.
Perfect roasted potatoes You can never have too much roast potatoes, especially on Christmas day. Master this recipe using goose fat and parboiled potatoes and you’ll want to make a roast with all the trimmings every Sunday of the year.

food instant freezer

christmas cake

※Food instant freezer
Food instant freezer is assembled with super freezing system in order to prevent the bacterial growth to keep the original flavor, texture and the freshness of stored food. Our instant freezer is suitable to freeze French fries, meat, meat ball, chicken, duck, fruit, seafood and other quick-frozen products, all of which are so popular in people thus food instant freezer is also welcome in mobile kitchen.
Christmas cake homemade Christmas cakes taste for better than anything you’ll find in the supermarket and are loads of fun to make, kids love decorating them too.

holly leaves and berry cupcakes

cupcake display cooler

※Counter Top Cake Display Cooler
Counter top cake display cooler has double sliding glass doors. It is energy saving,low noise and can keep the cake flavor for long time.Cupcake is a nice snack and you can’t prepare them too much.
Holly leaves and berries cupcakes Look out for sets of holly leaf cutters in assorted sizes and make a selection of fondant, or royal-icing leaves to top each cupcake. Keep the cupcake cases plain or buy matching, decorative ones to make the cupcakes extra special.