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No matter you are a foodie
                           you are good at cooking and willing to share your tasty cuisines
                           you’d love to experience of being your own boss
Consession food vending business opens new horizons for you since it can satisfy all your desires on eating or cooking skill show, and the important one, digging out your boss talent.With the vigorously thriving mobile food catering carts and trucks either around street corners or beside community, people also pay more and more attention to the mobile kitchen industry as our taste buds are always easily aroused by various relish and specialty. Operating your own concession food cart business is indeed an exciting experience and it will become more simple than the eat-in restautants if you know the what-to-do.
Check food vending cart locations
Where to set mobile food cart makes great difference to your long term development. The mobile food route sometimes depends on what type of food or meal items you offer such as snacks & meals as well as drinks. If you set catering goals around office buildings, then you will be very busy during 9am-15pm from Monday to Friday. While if you serve events or festivals, then get busy with each event.Spend some time watching and doing researches for an accurate position. Set a basic location with high traffic volumes such as campus,bus stations or stops,work sites and buildings,busy street corners,park gates,beaches,etc. In downtown area, make sure to dress up your vending carts clean and eye-catching. You can also set your particular mobile route and change it along with people traffics.
Get licenced
The popularity of mobile food cart business makes it necessry to be legalized. Following the regular prodecure of running a catering cars will save you a lot of time and trouble. Various requirements maybe in different places but the basic certificates should include health department certificates,truck or cart permits and parking restrictions.Consult your local government to start a legal food vendors business.
Budgeting mobile food bunisess
First, buy your own mobile food vehicles. Which type to choose depends on your expected investment. Compared to running a traditonal, mobile food business is a bit cheaper. However, due to the high hygenic standard and cooking utensil requirements, mobile food vehicles are not so cheap as expected. Considering the budget, a fully prepared used food truck is also a nice choice. Food cart is much cheaper than a truck, thus, a hot dog cart or an ice cream cart may be practical options.
Fix a niche
A niche refers to not only your elaberate food recipes but also your chef and vehicles dressups in order to attract more mouths. Today’s mobile food are most gourmet cuisine, delicacies from different countries and folks. Focus on your consumers likes and serve them constant new creative food items, you stand will certainly be a hot potato. Prepare some festival menus, make up the chef and food vendors, finally surging crowds will prove that you deserve it.
Set up your food brand and marketing
--Select a standout name for your lovely mobile food kitchen. Surfing the internet, looking through a dictionary, brainstorming; anyway, name it exclusively.
--Advertise your brand in a proper way. The mobile food cart is a rolling advertisement in itself. The internet is really useful at this moment. Social media outlets such as twitter,facebook are perfect to build your internet brand. Timely update what you offer for breakfast, lunch; where you are heading,etc.
--For festivals, serve customers festival recipes and send them greeting cards can be a nice method to show your thoughtfulness.
Plan for your future mobile food business
Although mobile food business is not such big business, you should still prepare some emergency fund including repairing or other breakdown. Type down where you wish to go in 1 or 5 years. Will you expand your mobile food business or keep the current situation? A clear goals will assist motivate your catering kitchen business and life.
As the most sought-after food eateries in major cities and towns, mobile food truck or cart has already been a bright scenery and offer people a myriad of great delicacies. It also caters to the on-the-run society and timely satisfy our appetite. If you are out of conceit with fixed-time job and dream of flexible working hours, food cart is not a bad choice. Please feel free to contact us, we are willing to impart as much information as possible so that assist you to launch this income-earning business.

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